Saturday, November 22

Parent/Teacher Conference

On Friday, I had the first of many (I'm sure) parent/teacher conferences for Charlotte. Don't worry, it is something that they do around this time of year, she didn't do anything wrong.

I met her head teacher, Miss Chevonne, at the day care on Friday afternoon. She had a notebook for Charlotte that we went over. It had some pictures of her doing different activities to showcase her various developmental milestones. In one picture she was "reading" a book which showed that she had enough dexterity to flip pages (or something like that). In another picture she was "sharing" rings with Declan. I had to laugh at this picture because I witnessed her steal those same rings from Declan on Tuesday when I dropped her off.

All in all Miss Chevonne said she is doing very well and meets all of her developmental goals. I did get the vibe from her that Charlotte tends to grab things from other babies and doesn't let anything (or anyone) get in her way, but that's my girl :).

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