Wednesday, December 17

What 7 months can do

Remember this post (Charlotte's & Cooper's first meeting), that had these pictures:



Now look:

December 08 044

Kind of amazing what 7 months can do. Allison and Michael graciously invited 3 families with small children over for dinner on Saturday night. Charlotte had a great time playing (ok stealing) Handley & Cooper's toys.


Mel said...

wow! Look at all that hair!!

Sara said...

They are both just darling. This picture makes me want to reach out and just pick up Charlotte and hug her and kiss her. I miss her so much. Can hardly wait for Christmas!


Allison D said...

What a cute pair...I think they would be great prom dates together someday!

Wells Family said...

This makes me all teary eyed! Probably the pregnancy hormones, but they have grown up so much! They were so tiny and bald and now look at them!!!!!!!!