Monday, January 12

A Girls Weekend

This weekend I got to have an unexpected Girls Weekend with Charlotte and my nieces, Katie & Lilly.

Judd's mom was admitted to the hospital Friday night for some bleeding. Judd headed down to Albany on Friday afternoon after we learned that there was a growth in her colon. Emily (Judd's sister) was in Calhoun wishing she could be with her mom. Her husband, Frank, was out of town. I told her I would keep Katie & Lilly for her while she went to be with her mom since surgery was scheduled for sometime Saturday afternoon. She got here around 11:30 to drop the girls off.

We had a great time. We played Wii, made snakes with Play-Doh, got some movies from Blockbuster, had dinner at McDonalds and stopped by two different parks. So many funny things came out of both of their mouths, I wish I had written it all down. Charlotte enjoyed the weekend too. She loves watching her cousins play and dance. The girls were so good, so that made my job a lot easier.

They both make me laugh, but Lilly cracks me up with almost everything she does. I was watching her play with Play-Doh and noticed all of the different facial expressions she makes when she plays. So, I grabbed the camera. When I did, she noticed I was taking pictures. She was good little model, until she started crossing her eyes for each picture.





Judd's mom came out of surgery Saturday evening and is recovering ok. She'll probably be in the hospital for the week. We're not sure what lies ahead, but praying that everything will turn out positively.


Emily said...

Thank you so much for keeping the girls. Lilly informed me on the way home that"Aunt Carrie is a lot more fun than you are, Mom." Katie was mad that they couldn't stay a few more days. Apparently school is not a priority with her. They have been talking about their girls' weekend and Charlotte nonstop. Thanks for being such a great aunt and sister-in-law.

Drena said...

So sorry to hear about Mrs. Davis. Hope she recovers quickly. What a good wife/aunt you are!

Mel said...

Sorry to hear about Mrs. guys will be in my thoughts. I am glad that you were able to watch the girls and had so much fun doing it!