Wednesday, January 14

Heads & Tails

Over Thanksgiving, we boarded Jody at a kennel up the street. She was bitten by a flea on the end of her tail while she was there. Jody is allergic to flea bites and chewed at the end of her tail for a week before we took her to the vet. At this point it was infected. So, we were given antibiotics for her. She finished those and we thought that her tail started to look better.

However, she continued to wag and wag her tail smacking it against everything - walls, doors, people, tables, etc. Each time she smacked it, the little wound on the end of her tail would bleed. When her tail wasn't bandaged, because we wanted to let it air out to heal, she would splatter blood all over the house. (something that I really enjoyed cleaning up) Our house, at times, looked like a crime scene.

The tail reached a boiling point with me over the last few days. I've had it with trying to keep it bandaged, cleaning up blood, etc. So, Judd dropped her off at the vet this morning. Here is how she looked when I picked her up:


We are going to keep that huge bandage on her tail for a week, then have it re-bandaged, and on for another week. If it isn't better after that, we have to have it amputated. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

On another front, Judd's mom got great news today. Her lymphnodes were clear - no cancer there. whew!


Sara said...

I am so happy that Judd's mom got good news today. Poor, dear Jody. Hope her tail is better soon.

Rebecca said...

Poor Jody! That is horrible! Hopefully she will get better soon so she can keep her tail. Herschel sends her get well soon wishes!

Mel said...

I am sorry but that sad little face made me laugh...poor Jody.

Glad to hear the news about Judd's mom.

Mollypants said...

Alphabet book...P is for poor doggie...
I'm scared if the Colonel ever gets one of those elizabethan collars. With the Evil Monkey that lives at our house (a chihuahua, more evil than any crying baby ever could be), I'm sure the Colonel and her would gang up, take the collar off, and then smother me with it in my sleep. Then he'd commence to going to town on his wound.

Rachel said...

So glad everything is going well with Mrs. Davis!

Awwww, poor Jody! Tobey doesn't have much of a tail, and it works for him!

Meredith said...

Poor Jody!

and YAY for Judd's mom! :)

Drena said...

yipee for Mrs. Davis. Sad for Miss jody!