Thursday, February 26

A Day With Daddy

Charlotte was still a little under the weather on Monday afternoon. She had a bad cough, and judging by her diapers, she still had a little bit of a virus. I have a lot of work this week, and a deadline next week - I really couldn't afford the time to stay home with her on Tuesday. So, I called Judd and asked if he'd be able to stay home with her. He said he would.

Charlotte has been quite the Mommy's girl lately. She literally clings to me when he tries to take her. It is to the point where she won't even let him feed her if I'm around. The other night we were playing in her room after her bath. Judd laid his head in my lap just to see what she would do. She looked at him and screamed, then came over and pushed his head out of my lap, and sat down to claim her territory. So, I was a little anxious about Tuesday. I wasn't anxious about his ability to care for her - quite the opposite - I knew he'd do a great job with that - I just didn't want her to scream the entire day.

Turns out they had a wonderful day together. I got home on Tuesday afternoon and they were out for the second walk of the day. They got Chick-fil-a for lunch, and she took 2 wonderful naps.

On my first day back to work last April, Judd opened up a Gmail account for Charlotte. He sent me emails that day "from her" saying that she was doing great at daycare. It was very sweet. Tuesday, I was emailed a few times "from Charlotte", with pictures attached, telling me what a great time she was having with her dad. I loved that.

Tuesday, Judd got a glimpse of how it would be to stay home with Charlotte full time. I asked him if he wanted to do that - I'd work and he could stay home. He said he wasn't interested, but I think he actually thought about it for a minute before he answered.


Rebecca said...

I love that Judd made an email address for her - so cute!

Sara said...

Judd is certainly a keeper. He is a wonderful husband and father. What a sweet and thoughtful thing to have e-mails from Charlotte.