Sunday, February 1

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

My baby turned 1 today at 6:26 pm, just before the Super Bowl started. She came home from the hospital on Super Bowl Sunday last year - we got home about half time.

We have had a wonderful weekend celebrating her big day. Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with a polka dot party. Judd and my dad covered the tables with polka dot wrapping paper, I made polka dot cupcakes, there were polka dot plates & napkins. Charlotte wore her polka dot birthday dress.


My co-worker and friend, Candy made Charlotte's cake. It was so cute, brown and pink to match her dress.


Charlotte started eating her cake very politely:


Then, she dug a little deeper:


Then she figured using her hands was a waste of time:


She loved the cake so much, she decided to give it a hug:


While this weekend was a lot of fun, I have been a little sad about this milestone. There were a lot of sentences started this weekend with , "Last year at this time." This morning we plugged the video camera into the TV and watched the videos of the past year, including the hours before she was born in Labor & Delivery. It just made me realize how much I need to cherish this time because she'll be two before I know it.


Shaye said...

I swear those are the cutest pictures ever!! Love them!

Mollypants said...

She looks so cute...with her crystal blue eyes, I think Oliver, Owen Holbrook and Allison's Marshall will be chasing Charlotte all over the place!

Meredith said...

Great pics, Carrie! Charlotte is just the cutest little girl!!! :)

Rebecca said...

I love the pictures, and of course your commentary with them. :) She is so cute. The time DOES go by fast, and it seems to get faster as they get older. Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

Mel said...

CUTE little one....I like the "hugging" picture the best...she is like "who me?" Cuteness!

Bryan said...

Where did you get the b'day dress?! It is SO cute! Sounds like Charlotte's b'day was a blast. All the cake pictures are great! My favorite is the one where's she's diving in with her mouth : )

Sara said...

I had a wonderful weekend with the birthday girl! I am so happy I had the opportunity to share her first birthday.

Emily said...

Thanks for including us in Charlotte's special day. We had lots of fun and it was great seeing your parents.

Al & Nina said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are soooo cute!!! She is a doll and obviously had lots of fun on her first birthday. Love, Nina

Carrie Beth said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Charlotte! What a fun party.