Thursday, February 5


Charlotte had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday - her 1 year checkup. Here are her stats:

Weight: 21 lb 3 oz - 50% percentile
Length: 31 1/4 " - 75-90% percentile
Head: 18 1/4 " - 75% percentile

We went off of bottles on Saturday and she is doing a little better with the sippy cup everyday. She still drinks juice and water out of the cup like a champ. Milk, not so much. I have been mixing the milk with a little bit of apple juice - sounds gross, but she drinks that up. Last night she got up at midnight and wouldn't stop crying, so I fixed her a cup of juice & milk and she gulped it down in about 3 minutes. It has been SO nice to not have to fix bottles in the morning before day care and cleaning them in the evening.

Jody's tail seems to be on the mend. I took her in on Monday to have it checked. The doctor seemed confident that we could leave the bandage off, that it had healed. He said there was a little scab on the tip of the tail, but if it opened up, then just to put pressure on it. I felt like the bandage should stay on for another week, but took his word for it. Sure enough yesterday morning in her usual fashion, she banged it along the wall of the hallway as she wagged it furiously in anticipation of breakfast. I looked and there was blood splattered everywhere. It was the very tip of the tail, not the usual spot, so I bandaged that and hopefully it will heal. If we are still dealing with it in a week, I'm going to have the tail docked. We have been trying to get this tail to heal for 2 months and I've lost all patience. Think of me what you will, but cleaning blood splatters off of my wall & floor is just something I don't want to do anymore. Any other moms out there that have lost all patience with their pets after having kids? or am I the only heartless person out there?


Rebecca said...

I sometimes get annoyed with Herschel. I don't think you are heartless. I wouldn't want to be continually cleaning blood out of my house either. Poor Jody - wonder why it just won't heal?

Mollypants said...

I get frustrated with the Colonel on occasion and I don't even have kids - I mean really, he eats poop. Not too much anymore, but EW! And dogs have a great way of making you feel guilty about being human and having responsibilities instead of playing with them all day. And if I had to clean non-human blood off of anything (I don't mind so much the human stuff in comparison), I'd be gagging all over the place.
Out of curiosity, and this might be a dumb question, but is there a real reason why a domesticated dog would really NEED his tail? I know surgery and anesthesia isn't good for any creature, but then again, neither is a cellulitic infection...

Aunt Sally said...

Ewww.....mean Carrie. If your arm was was bleeding I wouldn't cut it off. HAHAHAHA This is why I don't have a DOG. Good luck with the tail thing this weekend. We'll miss you at Rachel's party.