Wednesday, March 4


Charlotte must have had a hard day today. I could hear her crying down the hall when I walked into daycare. Something I rarely hear. I got to the door to see her in a mismatched outfit including a boy's shirt provided by daycare. She has red splotches on her face - we are assuming that is some sort of reaction from the tomato sauce in her lunch? I picked her up and she immediately put her head on my shoulder.

We got home and did the normal routine. She whined most of the evening, didn't eat any dinner, and didn't want to play in her bath. I got her dressed in clean pajamas, put some lotion on her face, and gave her a pacifier. I shut the door to her room, sat in the rocker, and pulled her onto my lap. Before I could get her in her sleep sack, she put her arms around me and her dropped her head to my shoulder. I breathed her sweet smell and felt her breathing turn to rhythmic sleepy breaths.

I have had a few hard days lately - ones filled with the deadlines and stress of work. Judd's shoulder is a wonderful one to come home to - one I would never trade. But, don't you have those days that you would love to have your mom pick you up, put you in her lap, and rock you to sleep - with your head on her shoulder?


The Johnsons said...

I often have the same thought!

Declan seemed like he had a similar day. It was mayhem in the toddler room when I picked him up and he had no interest in dinner - was just ready for bed.

Sara said...

I'm sorry my shoulder is so far away :(

Love ya,

Meredith said...

So sweet! I miss my mom daily and so often would love her shoulder to lean on.

Drena said...

sorry she had a hard day and glad you could comfort her! :) Moms are the best.