Wednesday, April 8

Alphabet Book

The Alphabet Book came in the mail last week. Charlotte and I sat down today to take a little peek at it.



This one I took today and thought was pretty funny. I was trying to put the alphabet book in her lap so she could pose with it - she wanted nothing to do with that. It was almost like she was saying, "Just try it again, lady."



Sara said...

The one of you and her reading the book really touches my heart. Both of you are so beautiful. I hope you will both enjoy many hours of reading together. They are such precious hours and really are the cornerstone of her educational growth. Oh, if only every child would be so lucky as to have a Mother and Father that read to him/her. What an incredible gift of love you are giving her with that book and the time you will take to share it with her.

Allison D said...

Awww! It looks like it came out great! How cool. Charlotte looks like her hair is really starting to grow. Sweet girl.

Drena said...

cute!! glad it turned out well.