Friday, May 8

15 months

Charlotte was 15 months last Friday, but we didn't get to the doctor until today.

Weight: 22 lb 14 oz - 50%
Height: 31.5" - 75-90%
Head: 18.25" - 50-75%

The doctor said everything looks great, even Charlotte's ears had cleared up from her ear infections last week. I was told that she needs to get more Vitamin D. I guess the American Association of Pediatrics has issued a new daily requirement of Vitamin D and it is pretty high. In order to get all of the daily requirement through milk, your child would need to drink 32 oz/day. I know Charlotte isn't getting this, so I need to pick up some vitamins.

I did get scolded a little bit for letting Charlotte still use the pacifier. I just don't think Charlotte, Judd, or I are ready to give that up yet. I think my goal will be to have her off of it by 18 months. Any tips?

Charlotte can now say, "Bye Bye" (while waving), "Hi", "Dog", "Dada", "Mama", "Ball", "Bubble", "That", and "This". She is walking & climbing everywhere. She seems to understand so much of what we say. She is able to follow simple commands. She is starting to understand "No" a lot more, she'll even shake her head and point at something that she's knows she's not supposed to touch. She amazes us each day with something new. She is able to point to her nose, ear, head, foot, and belly button when asked. I have to say that the belly button is by far my favorite. You have to be careful when you ask her, though, because she usually wants to see yours next. I didn't want to show my post-baby stomach at the doctor today, so we didn't show of that trick :)


Rebecca said...

So cute! As for the pacifier, I so would not worry about her still being on it at 15 months! We went cold turkey with Zachary around 18 months. He had really only been using it at naptime & bedtime since around 12 months, but around 18 months one night we just did not give it to him and he slept just fine. Liam still has one at night (I know he doesn't get one at school because they won't let him have one, and we try not to give him one at home when he's awake unless he's REALLY upset and/or not feeling well). We'll probably go cold turkey at some point with him too. That seemed to work well for us - especially since they are still at too young an age to really understand or reason with you. Good luck!

Sara said...

She is such a beautiful, bright eyed little girl. Love the belly button picture.

Luis Benitez said...

that's so funny... Alejandro does the same thing when I ask for his belly button; he quickly shows me his but then has to see mine



Pam poked a small hole in Clayton's pacifier. It wouldn't bounce back when he bit on it like he was used he lost interest.