Friday, May 29


Charlotte and I were stuck at home today. Judd took the only working key to the Volkswagen with him to work. Rather than have him make the hour round trip to bring me the key, I told him I could swing a day stuck in the house.

Charlotte and I took a couple walks, played in her little inflatable pool, and created masterpieces on the driveway using sidewalk chalk. After her afternoon nap, I didn't feel like going outside and she was starting to get a little stir crazy. So, I pulled out the 64 count of crayons I had packed in my newly organized closet. I had a coloring book in there too left over from the babysitting I've done for my nieces.

Charlotte thought crayons were pretty cool.


Sarah said...

Hey Carrie! OK, now that I'm stalking your blog on a regular basis -- a few questions. 1. How do you get your pictures to upload so large on your blog? 2. Do you do any post-editing to your pictures? 3. If so, I'm wondering what program you use. I've been downloading different trials to figure out which one I like.

Carrie Davis said...

@Sarah - Well good, I stalk your blog too :)

1. I changed my blog template to allow the large size images. I can send you the HTML for the blog template - just email me, carrieedavis at gmail dot com. I upload to Picasa and then share them. I did Flickr for a while, but a lot of people said their work was blocking Flickr, so they couldn't see the pics.
2. For these, I did very little post processing - just adjusted white balance a tad. I try to stay away from doing too much post processing. but sometimes I can't help it.
3. I used Photoshop CS4. But I have read that Lightroom is what people are starting to use more and more.

Hopefully we'll get to meet in person at People One!

Mel said...

Is it sad that I have a blue t-shirt just like Charlotte's pink onsie?

Allison D said...

I think she has creative juices flowing just like her mommy!