Monday, May 18

A little boost

We took the booster seat when we went to the beach because Judd and I didn't want to haul the high chair down there. Ever since the beach, Charlotte has wanted to eat in her booster seat instead of the high chair about half the time. I think she looks like such a big girl when she eats in her booster seat with her little paper plate.

Charlotte is quite the imitator lately. She tries to do everything that we do. Today we were playing out in the yard and I threw a ball to Jody. Jody put it in her mouth and carried it around, but ended up putting a tooth in it and deflated it. Once Jody dropped it, Charlotte went over to the ball, bent down, and picked the ball up with her mouth! GROSS! Of course I was cracking up and she looked at me wondering what was so funny. If only I could have my camera attached to my hands at all times.


Lora Lee & Lora Kate's Blog said...

Will you send me your email again? Thanks! I wanted to ask you a question.

Allison D said...

What a big girl! I can't believe it.

Drena said...

too funny! Is her hair getting curly in the back?