Thursday, May 28


I've had this bin of clothes sitting outside of Charlotte's room for the past 2 weeks. It is all of Charlotte's winter clothes. I need to get it up into the attic, but haven't yet.

Today, it provided much entertainment for Charlotte. She sorted through the bin for at least 15 minutes bringing different outfits to me so I could put them on her. It was pretty funny putting 9 month winter clothes on her - she thought it was funny too.

Then, she found her winter coat. She handed it to me, I put it on her, and she said "OWWSI?" This translates to, "Outside?"

So, we went outside in the 80 degree heat with her winter coat on. She wouldn't let me take it off, in fact, she made me zip it up! Finally, 15 min later, after her little curls were wet with sweat, she let me take it off.


Rebecca said...

That is an awesome outfit - the heavy winter coat, short shorts, and little white shoes. You will have to show that to her someday when she is obsessed over her clothes & thinks you don't have any fashion sense (because don't all girls go through that?)

Sara said...

I'm glad she likes to play dressup. We'll have to get her some old prom gowns :)

Erin H. said...

Who wears short shorts? Charlotte wears short shorts! You know the song :)

Mel said...

love the short shorts!!

Hmmm clothes in the attic, for the next one :-)

Al & Nina said...

What a kid!! Her Granddaddy really needs to see her. She seems to have her Grandmother's love for clothes. Al

Lora Lee & Lora Kate's Blog said...

Too cute!!