Monday, June 8

Char-Lo in Austin

Charlotte and I had a great time visiting some friends, Bryan, Kindra, & Lindsay, this past week in Austin.

Kindra and I met through work. She was in Atlanta last year for business. I was still breastfeeding Charlotte and the time, and she was breastfeeding Lindsay (Lindsay is 2 months older than Charlotte). I was returning the key for the lactation room, and Kinda was waiting to check it out. We struck up a conversation and have been in contact ever since.

We use each other as a sounding board for issues like breastfeeding, transitioning to formula then milk, daycare, being a working mom, etc. It is so great to know someone going through the same exact situations that you are. It is even better when that person has a daughter 2 months older than yours and has had to forge the way ahead of you - then I get to pick her brain when I hit the sticky situations.

The weekend was filled with trips to the pool and park, lunch at McDonalds, Texas bar-be-que, and a great Tex Mex dinner. Charlotte and Lindsay got along well - always copying what the other one did. Lindsay is the cutest, smartest little girl that doesn't know how to walk - she RUNS everywhere! I thought Charlotte was a wiggle worm - she has met her match. I was amazed by how many words and songs Lindsay knew. She even said Charlotte, but it always came out "Char-Lo".

Thanks for the great visit, Kindra! Can't wait to do it again.


Sara said...

She (Charlotte) is such a happy girl!

Mel said...

They look cute together....I can't believe all the hair that little one has!! Glad Charlotte has a new friend :-)