Monday, June 15

An Ode to Jen

Jennifer is Judd's Dad's first cousin, not sure if that makes her Judd's second cousin or Judd's first cousin once removed. Doesn't matter - either way, she's a Saint in my book. Every couple of weeks I'll see an email arrive in my inbox from Jen asking if Judd and I need a babysitter for the upcoming weekend. I rarely decline the offer.

Charlotte loves Jen. She doesn't even flinch when Jen walks through the door and scoops her up. Jennifer has that touch, that way about her. I believe she could charm any kid.

This past week an email arrived asking if I'd like a babysitter. I told Judd that Jen was going to come over and babysit on Saturday. Charlotte and I went for a jog on Friday morning, and when I came back he had a whole evening planned out for us - reservations already made. It was so thoughtful and sweet. We had a great night that included a movie and dinner - we had not been to a movie theatre in a year! It was a great treat.

Judd and I are so grateful to Jennifer (and Mariel sometimes, too!) for staying with Charlotte on nights like this past Saturday. I truly believe that we are better parents because we have these chances to reconnect to each other. We have a few moments to just relax, talk, and reconnect - most of the talk is about Charlotte of course - but we do talk about the couple we were, and now the couple we are becoming. We plan, dream, and laugh.

Thank you, Jennifer, for giving us these opportunities. We can never repay you for what you are really giving to us - it is much more than just a night out. And, thank you, Mariel, for letting us borrow your mom every once in a while!



Oh my goodness! I am speechless that an entire blog was dedicated to little ole me! You are so welcome! I love that little girl and I love you and Judd too.

Al & Nina said...

We agree, Jen is very special. N