Tuesday, June 2

Sun Flare

I signed up for People One today at the Showcase School of Photography. I took 2 classes there last summer and loved every minute. I'm very excited to learn some new stuff and get energized again about taking pictures. (I'm also excited because I'm gonna know someone in my class!)

I saw a sun flare tutorial today on Pioneer Woman. I took Charlotte out tonight to try it a little bit. Basically, you set your camera on aperature priority, and then close your aperature down as high as it can go, like f/22. Then, you can capture some sun flare.

I wish I had a beautiful wheat field close by to do photo shoots, but instead my front yard has to do. It is a fun technique that I'm excited to use more. These are by no means very good, the composition in the second one is terrible - but I love her hands. She does this all the time now when she doesn't know something. If you ask her a question and she doesn't know, she throws up her hands - "I don't know, Mommy." - very innocent. However, whenever she strikes this pose, I have flashes into the future, 16 years down the road, when there is something she's denying oh so innocently.


Sara said...

All I can see in the second one is my baby Carrie. Really brought back memories. I love them!

Sarah said...

Crazy -- I read the same tutorial today too and tried it out this evening and am just getting ready to import photos and have a look at them. You should see the same post on my blog in a bit :) You did a great job! I know -- if you find a beautiful wheat field nearby, lemme know. I found a vacant lot in Tucker that is filled with yellow dandelions across from where my daughter takes ballet and took some pictures of her the other day and they turned out pretty cute.

Al & Nina said...

Carrie you are so talented and I love your model!!

Mollypants said...

Cute! And the first rule of composition...the ones that break the rules are always your favorites. It's both a relief and MADDENING sometimes.