Monday, July 13


Judd turns 30 today. We went out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate. On the way to dinner, we passed a couple walking to the Glenlake pool with a couple of kids in tow. The kids were probably about 8 & 10, and obviously excited about going to the pool. Judd and I both saw them and chuckled. I think we laughed because you could just feel how excited they were to be going to the pool. The kind of excitement that kids have - the kind that makes your body jump up and down and skip down the sidewalk.

The moment got me thinking about what was to come for us in the next 10 years. During the next 10 years, Charlotte will be those kid's age.

For us, our 20s felt like there was always the next big thing - graduate from college, get a job, move out on your own, buy a house, get married, travel, have kids - there always seemed to be a goal. It is a lot of fun, but pretty exhausting.

So, we talked about what the next 10 years holds for us, as we both move into our 30's (I'll get there in 29 days). We decided that we are just going to enjoy the present. No major goals, just enjoy what we have. Maybe we'll have another kid, maybe we'll buy a bigger house, maybe we'll change jobs - who knows - but we don't feel pressure to do any of it. I think the next 10 years will be some of the best of our lives - and I can't think of anyone I'd rather spend them with.

Happy Birthday Judd!


Allison D said...

Dang! Feels like we were just cruising the streets of Athens celebrating our 21st!

Happy Birthday, Judd!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Judd.

Sara said...

Happy, happy birthday, Judd. Hope you are having a great day!