Wednesday, July 15

Wide Angle

I took the trusty 50mm lens off of the camera a couple of days ago and have been playing around with the 18-70mm lens, but keeping it at 18mm. I have had a lot of fun with the wide angles, I think you may be seeing more of them.

I just couldn't resist posting this one - I know, heartless. What mother continues to photograph her daughter while she's having a meltdown because she just purposely spilled the 10th bottle of bubbles in 5 minutes? Me. Now you know.


Sara said...

Ahh, poor little baby doll. Come to Grammie's and you can spill all the bubbles you want.

Zane Hollingsworth said...

One of my favorite lens is the 18-200 VR. It's a great utility lens. I use it for all of my night/light painting/sunset photos. I do have to be careful shooting people at the wides setting up close (occasional distortions). The next lens I want to try out is the 85mm f/1.4. I've read that once you start shooting with it, you will not put it down.

Great photos as usual.

Carrie Davis said...

@zane - I think the distortion is why I love the wide angle so much :) The next lens I purchase will be the 50mm 1.4 or the 85mm 1.4. I think I'm going to rent the 85mm 1.4 or borrow Melissa's 85 1.8 first.

Mel said...

aw, look at all those teeth :-)

You guys and all your fancy 1.4s!! I am going to be so jealous!

Sarah said...

Precious! Where do you rent lenses from? I've been thinking I wanted to rent one for the remainder of our class but wasn't sure where to go in Atlanta. I wish you had a Canon so we could do a swap :)!