Monday, August 17

The Ritz at Amelia Island & A Winner!

Judd and I are back from our 3 night stay at the Ritz on Amelia Island. It was the perfect retreat. We splurged by staying at the Ritz, but it was SO worth it. The place is gorgeous and everyone is so nice. We read, slept, and ate then read, slept, and ate again. It was awesome.

Charlotte hung out with my parents and Judd's mom back at he house. She was the center of attention the entire time, and loved it. They had a good time until she got another stomach bug on Saturday night. She was pitiful when we got home, but perked up towards yesterday evening.

I missed Charlotte so much while we were away. But, I know that it is so important for Judd and I to have some time to reconnect. We feel refreshed and relaxed - that should last for at least a couple more days.

Also - the winner of the gift certificate is....Shaye! Just send me an email at carrieedavis [at] gmail [dot] com to collect your winnings!

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Shaye said...

YAY ME!!! Thank you so much.