Monday, August 10

Transition to Toddler 2

Charlotte started her first day in the new Toddler 2 room today. It was a pretty traumatic drop off. Tears flowing from both mom and toddler. However, I called later in the day to find out that she had settled in just fine.

Probably the most dramatic part of the day was finding a flat tire on my car this afternoon when I was leaving to go pick Charlotte up. I was very frustrated because all I wanted to do was see her. As overly dramatic as it sounds, I just wanted to get to her - to make sure she made it through the day ok.

So, rather than spending the time to change the tire, I put running clothes on and got the stroller and ran to pick her up. (day care is about 2 miles away) I walked into the room and she was upset. She was wanting her "Momma." They told me that she started whining as other moms were picking their kids up. I felt so bad that I wasn't there sooner. She ran to me and I gave her a big hug.

Her teachers said her day went well. She actually slept on her mat for an hour at nap time - without her pacifier.

She went to bed pretty early tonight. It was a big day, she was tired. Let's hope that tomorrow's drop off will go OK. I can't believe how big my little baby girl is getting!


Sara said...

Where did Baby Charlotte go? I'm glad she settled in and that you ran to get her. I'm very proud of her for being such a big girl. Happy Birthday to our biggest girl!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Carrie. I hope you have a great one.

Sarah said...

How pitiful! Kathryn always had a hard time with that, when other parents would start showing up. Hopefully it will get better!