Sunday, August 2

We had a good weekend overall, but it definitely had its ups and downs.

Friday started off pretty rough. Charlotte had a horrible night Thursday night, then woke up for good at6:15. She cried at the drop of a hat the entire morning. I had some friends coming over later in the morning, I almost called and told them not to come. Around 10 we went to the store and she fell asleep on the way home. After a 15 min power nap she was much better.

Late Friday morning Allison & Marshall, Laurie & Olivia, and my friend Erin came over for a lunch/play date. I hadn't seen Laurie in 4 years! She was one of my college roommates. Olivia is her first child and is just a doll. Erin is another collegiate roommate. But, she and I go back a lot further than that. It was so much fun to hear about her escapades as a 30 something single woman. And, as always, it was great to see Allison and Marshall.

Saturday evening we had dinner with Dave, Erin, and the girls. We kept Charlotte up until 9:30 PM because she was being such a good girl. At one point, after dinner, she spit up a little bit. We cleaned it up and didn't think much of it. She had A LOT to eat, so I figured that maybe she just ate too much.

It was Judd's night last night to get up with her. He got up with her about 4:45 and I heard, "CARRIE - I NEED YOUR HELP!" I went in there to find vomit all her bed. I got her out and cleaned her up while Judd got her bed cleaned up. He went back to bed and I rocked her back to sleep. About 15 minutes into the rocking she sat up and spewed all OVER the both of us. It was my turn, "JUDD - I NEED YOUR HELP - NOW!" I ran to the bathroom and stripped Charlotte down. Judd got a new shirt for me. I gave her a bath.

I laid down in the guest room with Charlotte and she fell back asleep for an hour or so. She ended up throwing up 2 more times this morning. We aren't sure what was wrong - I guess just a little virus. She never had a fever. It could have been something she ate, but she ate everything we did and no one else is sick. We have her 18 month appointment tomorrow, so we'll see what they say. She seems to be feeling much better tonight. She took a 3.5 hour nap this afternoon and ate a little dinner. Keep your fingers crossed that tonight goes well! I think Judd and I are both praying that we don't get it. He has to travel tomorrow and nothing would be worse than a stomach virus on the plane - except maybe having a stomach virus and having to care for a baby by yourself!


Sally said...

Poor Charlotte. I hope she is feeling better and no one else got sick. XOXO Aunt Sally

Lora Lee & Lora Kate's Blog said...

Lora Kate did the same thing one night about 7 months ago - it was her first and thus far, only little virus. It's scary and so sad bec/ they have no idea what's going on!! Glad you had Judd to help you though!

m said...

Could be a virus or something everyone ate and it just affected her more since she is smaller. They all get that sort of thing. Hopefully it will be nice and quick and not work it's way down....