Tuesday, September 22


Charlotte and I are getting an unplanned day together today. Dekalb county schools are closed due to the flooding, so day care closed. I had my rain jacked on yesterday when I picked her up from school, and since then she's been slightly obsessed with her "jacket" (pictured above). She wore it all morning - nothing else, just a diaper and her jacket.

When she's playing I like to have some music playing and will put the TV to Kids Tunes on Dish Network. She stood up and wanted to dance, so I picked her up and we danced for a while. She wants to hold your hand while your dancing - like we were really dancing the waltz or something. While we were dancing jumping up and down she looked at me and said "FUN!". The first time she's expressed something is fun to me without being promped. I gave her a big fat kiss on the cheek and said "This IS fun."

It's the little things that mean the most.


Erin H. said...

Our offices opened late at 10am today, so I got a little extra time this am too! It was like I was in elementary school again -- really exciting to be off! Cute Charlotte.

Emily said...

I taught a little girl today that is in first grade. She looked exactly like an older Charlotte. She was very cute, and I kept thinking about my neice. I hope you both had a great day.