Monday, September 21

The Retreat

I got together with a group of my college girlfriends this past weekend. We were all Delta Gamma's in college (hence the sorority-type pose featured above). We stayed at Drena's parent's Myrtle Beach condo. (Thanks Hollingsworths!) We didn't even step foot on the beach - yes, you read that correctly - I went to the BEACH and didn't walk on the sand. But, I'm totally OK with that.

You know what I did do? Whatever the heck I wanted to do. And it just so happened that's what everyone else wanted to do. We just laid around, talked (a lot), did various crafts or read, shopped, and ate.

There were lots of old stories rehashed - which meant lots of laughs. There was a lot of discussion about what our kids were eating, how they were sleeping, how are husbands were doing holding down the fort.

I learned a few things as well. I learned that I need to let more things go - I found that I worry a lot more than most. I learned that I need to let a lot of the guilt I feel go. I learned that I need to find more happiness in the place I'm in NOW rather than constantly thinking about what I WANT to be doing. All things that a couple of my friends to really well that I need to work on.

While I was gone, Judd took Charlotte to his parent's house. From the sounds of it, they had a wonderful time. Charlotte did her usual stuff there - took boat rides, golf cart rides, ate pancakes - except this time she ate alligator?? Glad I wasn't there for that.

One of the best things about being away is coming home. I think it is imperative that Moms get a break - you need that away time to regroup. But, I missed my little family. I had 2 sets of blue eyes greeting me at the door when I got home yesterday - and I looked at them and felt so, so lucky.


Drena said...

It was one of the best weekends I have had in a really long time. Thanks so much for driving. You are doing a great job as a mother, wife, and employee so I'm glad you realize you should cut yourself some slack. I'm really glad we talked a little deeper too and I brought back a few things I would like to implement. It's so refreshing to get a break and gain some perspective.

Love ya!

Sara said...

I am so glad that all of you got away and had a wonderful time. How sweet of Drena to host! It is nice to keep up with your friends and compare notes. I can't believe you are all becoming moms.


Al & Nina said...

I'm so pleased you and your friends had a great weekend. We all need and enjoy those get- aways. We enjoyed having Judd and Charlotte. A fun weekend all around. Love, N

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

hey, i know those ladies!! :-)
glad y'all had fun!