Friday, September 11

Some Randomness

  • Our house is being painted this week. I'm so happy that I now have a RED door rather than a boring white one. It looks fabulous. I'll get a picture up this weekend.
  • The painters are going to redo our garage floor next week - I'm BEYOND happy that we will no longer have peeling, cracked, ugly paint on our garage floor.
  • I watched GLEE this week - hands down, my new favorite show.
  • I have been working really hard on the holiday card templates for the mini sessions I'm offering. I decided to create my own rather than buying some - I just really love to create. Here's a sneak peak - what do you think?

  • Judd and I are on week 2 of our new budget. A couple of weeks ago we sat down and really mapped out what we should be spending, rather than what we can spend. We have done really well so far - we have an eating out budget of $100/week. We are actually sticking to it - even under it last week! We have done other things like cutting the data plan from our cell phones, stopping the dish network in our bedroom - we only have one TV now in the living room, and watching what we buy at the grocery store.
  • Judd officially starts his new job on Monday. He is pretty pumped and so am I.
  • Anytime you ask Charlotte, "Where is Daddy?" - she says, "Work". He's really not at work all of the time - even when he's gone to the grocery store, that's what she replies with.
  • Charlotte is starting to put multiple words together. She is also able to walk down the stairs unassisted.
  • Judd and I are going to the Georgia game tomorrow while the Wonderful Jen watches Charlotte - she's even keeping her over night so Judd and I can sleep in on Sunday. She's a Saint!
  • Work has calmed down for me - I'm not working weekends anymore.
  • Charlotte was sad this morning that she had to stay here with me rather than going to school - talk about what a couple weeks can do! A couple of weeks ago she was crying at drop off.
  • Here's a video of Charlotte. It is pretty random - it is just her jibber jabbering. But this isa typical weeknight dinner scene. She eats at her table, and I keep her company. It will be boring for most of you - but to me, it really capture her personality right now. She is definately telling me a story at the beginning - I just have no idea what it is. Then she gives poor Jody a piece of her mind.

  • And because I can't help it, here's a picture from Wednesday night. Judd brought Charlotte a balloon home from work.

Have a great weekend!


Mel said...

oh, I love red doors!! Can't wait to see the new one....

Rebecca said...

We will be at the game too! Section 123 row 36! Maybe we'll see yall there! I thought the video was cute - you could actually photoshop (videoshop?) Liam's head on top of Charlotte's, and that could be right out of our dinner table too. Herschel comes up under the table & Liam scolds him. Then he makes a mess with his food (only ours usually involves throwing something).

Drena said...

Sounds like things are going great for you right now! Congrats!

The Johnsons said...

Carrie - this is hilarious. I just played this and Don was in the other room and ran in because he thought it was Declan! Dinnertime is very similar at our house.