Thursday, October 15

Charlotte Sad

On the way home from day care yesterday, Charlotte kept saying that one of her teachers was sad, "Ms. Judy sad". She kept saying it. I told her that I think Ms. Judy is "happy" not "sad". Then she'd say that different things were happy or sad - and if they were sad she would also say "cry". I'm not sure if they are working on emotion in her day care class, but she seems to be stuck on whether something is happy or sad.

Last night I was making Charlotte's dinner and she was sitting on the counter "helping" me. She picked up the sugar bowl lid. I said, "Please don't touch that, it might break". She continued to pick it up, put it down, pick it up. I said again, a little more firmly, "Don't pick that up". She gave me the look of disobedience, and picked it up again. I grabbed her wrist and looked her in the eye and said, "Do NOT pick that up!" She started to cry, really cry. The tears streaming down her face and the bottom lip pouted out as far as it could go. Then between sobs she said, "Charlotte SAD!" Oh, my heart! I gave her a hug and told her that I didn't want her to be sad, I wanted her to be happy - then quickly distracted her with dinner.

How can someone so small already know how to pull my strings? I'm such a sucker.

Here is the picture that I posted for my assignment this week - I had to take a picture of a subject that used these 3 words - Passion, Precious, & Aged. It was hard. It's been raining and I couldn't really get outside. For those of you photography peeps, this is f/3.5, 1/40, ISO 2500. (Yes, 2500 - the bathroom is a cave).

Precious = just look at that face - no need to explain!
Passion = If you know a toddler, have a toddler, or have had a toddler in the past, you know their passion for bubbles.
Aged = the ugly 1970's mustard yellow tile in my bathroom.


Sara said...

I am so glad that she cares when you are unhappy with her. I can't believe how someone so little can already have such empathy for others. Will she just naturally go into a helping profession? Is that something that a person is born with-that gift to understand how others feel? She is a truly wonderful little girl. Of course, I know I am her Grammie, but I think she is MOST special.

Emily said...

You tell Charlotte that she can play with her Aunt Emily's sugar bowl lid as much as she wants. Can't wait til we see you two on Sunday.

Allison D said...

Aw. She's such a character. Love her.

Sarah said...

yes, those cute little ones can certainly tug on our heart strings!!

great picture! what class are you taking? I've been "perusing" a couple of sites, wanting to sign up for an online class but not sure which way to go.

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

oh, wow, i would have cried if she had said that to me! how precious!!!
also, 2500 iso??! sister, mine only goes up to 1600. i'm jealous b/c my entire house is a CAVE!