Wednesday, October 7

Just One Thing

I am taking an online photography workshop over the next few weeks. There was some instruction over the past week, but mainly it was to get familiar with your camera again and try some new features that you may not have tried before. Then, post an image of the one thing that you would grab if your house were on fire.

Judd and I talked about this over dinner Saturday night - I had procrastinated and my image was due the next day. I told him that all I could think of was our Western Digital hard drive. But, a hard drive isn't very photogenic.

He agreed with me that would truly be the one thing that is irreplaceable to us. Sure, our entire wedding album isn't on the hard drive, but we do have a few pictures of the wedding there - and our family has some images we could use to make copies. But, that hard drive contains over 5,000 images of the first 20 months of Charlotte's life. It also chronicles my love of photography and my growth in that area.

Below is the image I came up with to share with the workshop. (This also give me an idea for a new picture series - anyone with a newborn that wants a first year program, email me for details, carrieedavis at gmail dot com) What would be the one thing you would grab?


Rebecca said...

Mine would be similar - we have a book of all of our pictures from the past 6 years, only ours are all on CD (once we put them on the hard drive, we burn them to CD or DVD immediately in case of hard drive failure). So since our hard drive in inside the computer, and would be a bit bulky to carry out of the house, I'd grab the book of photo CDs (and the kids of course - but I assume that was a given?) :)

Drena said...

I would grab my written journals. Most all of our photographs are online on Shutterfly so we'd be fine there and I could remake the scrapbooks with those photos. I have journals from the time I was a child and they are irreplaceable. I'd be sick if I lost them.

Meredith said...

hmmm, that's a tough one. I guess it's made me realize that I need to put all the CDs we have of our pictures together in one place, so that I could grab them. It also makes me realize I have pictures of my mom that are not digital that I definitely should scan so that if something were to happen to the original copy, I would have them. They are definitely irreplacable since she is no longer with us.