Monday, October 19

PioMu Toys

Are you starting to think about Christmas? I have been starting to think about what I want to get Charlotte this year. I'm thinking this is the year of the tricycle (shh! don't tell her). But, I have been trying to find some fun things to fill up space under the tree - because we can't have any left over space under the tree. :)

A friend of mine and his wife have started a new company called PioMu. They specialize in eco-friendly natural toys. But, these toys aren't your normal boring wooden natural toys, these are colorful and innovative toys.

I mean look at this pull toy- how cute?

And I know that this says it is for at home use - but it looks like it would be potentially fabulous for the airplane - lightweight and has a tote!

But, probably my favorite is Pirates of the Tub:

They have a great contest going right now...join the PioMu Fan page and you could be randomly selected for a $25 coupon off PioMu on the Nov 10th drawing. You can get additional entries on the contest by tweeting about @piomukids (once / day) !

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Luis Benitez said...

Thanks for the great recommendation Carrie. We notified this week the winner of the contest. Stay tuned as we are planning more giveaways for Black Friday.