Saturday, November 7

Daddy's on a trip

Judd left for Milan today. He's going to be gone for a week. This is the longest he will have been apart from Charlotte. I was pretty sad about him leaving. Don't worry, I won't have a pity party here on the blog, because I know there are many of you reading this who deal with husbands gone all of the time.

Judd and I used to be apart a lot. For the first 2 years of our marriage he traveled M-F every week. Then, I traveled a lot. These past 2 years have been the most we have lived together since we were married. It wasn't a fluke that it turned out that those were first years of Charlotte's life. We purposely chose jobs that would keep us at home.

Then he had the opportunity to take a job that meant some travel. And not just any travel, but really exciting travel. He was actually supposed to be in Moscow this week - but their visas were rejected. So, as a fallback they are traveling to Milan in Business class as I type this. It's a rough life I tell ya.

Sure, there is a piece of me - ok a rather large piece - that is jealous of the career Judd is building and the places he is going.

But, I know that I am lucky that I get to stay behind and take care of Charlotte. Because if I had been on the plane tonight, I would have missed her face as she went down the big slide at the park. She was so surprised that it went fast!

I need to adjust my attitude to that line of thinking - rather than "oh poor me, I'm not stuffed on filet and hot fudge sundaes en route to Milan" but "I'm so lucky that I got to watch Yo Gabba Gabba 5 times tonight and laughed and danced with my daughter".

That competitive streak in me - and it's a wide one - wants to be going places in my career too. But, we can't both move up that ladder and raise our daughter the way that we want to. It's give and take. But, there's no one in this entire world that I would rather be on this seesaw with.


Al & Nina said...

Thank you sweet girl. N

Sara said...

Dad and I are so happy that you picked such an incredible man with whom to build your life and the life of your daughter. I hope he has a safe trip until he is back with both of you.