Tuesday, November 3

It gets easier

There is a time when your new baby won't sleep or sleeps to much. She cries a lot and for a reason not known to you. You worry about the amount of milk she drinks and whether or not she has had enough dirty diapers. You worry about the weight she is gaining or not gaining. You worry constantly. She needs you all of the time, you are with her all of the time.

Then there is time when your baby starts to be mobile, which is reassuring, but then scary because of the new world it opens up to her. She still cries a lot, but you usually have an idea about why she is crying and can fix it. She starts to need you just a little bit less because she is trying new foods. But, then there is worry about the foods she is trying or not trying, liking or not liking. She is sleeping more, which means you sleep more, but you still can't always count on it.

Then there is a time when your baby starts to talk to you, and you now know what is going on in her little head. She becomes so expressive and really begins to develop her very own personality. She is so much more mobile now, which is wonderful, but adds a whole new set of challenges and worries. She is weaned from you and eats everything that you eat. She cries a lot less. She becomes more independent - she is needing you less. She sleeps well and it is something you can count on.

Then comes a time when your baby not only talks to you, but tells you small stories. She jokes and laughs with you. She starts to play by herself and pretend. You want to take her places and show her new things because you want to see her reaction. She will watch a favorite TV show for more than 30 seconds. She can now tell you exactly how she feels, and exactly what she wants. She hardly cries at all - except when she doesn't get what she wants. She sits at the dinner table with you and you can enjoy dinner together.

There really does come a day when you look around and notice that it has become easier. But, then at the same time, you notice that she isn't so much a baby anymore.


Sara said...

There is a time when she has a baby of her own. You are aware of what a wonderful mother she has become. She fulfills every hope and dream you had for her. And, you are so VERY proud!

Drena said...

This post brought me a lot of hope, but a lot of reservation too. Sometimes setting my expectations of how he will be at a certain age has been disappointing for me. Oliver is on his own journey and I'm trying to be thankful for the child he is instead of how I would like him to be. I hope I am done wishing him to be something that he is not.