Wednesday, November 18

It's been a while

Wow, I haven't blogged in over a week.

I've been pretty busy, but I also just haven't really felt like it. I think I just need a break every now and then.

Charlotte and I flew up to Baltimore last Friday. Charlotte went to spend the weekend with Grammie and Grandad, while I spent the weekend with my sisters for Rachel's bachelorette party. Sally planned the whole weekend - and did a fabulous job. We toured a couple of wineries in the area, then went out for a really nice dinner that evening. After dinner we kicked up our heels at Power Plant Live in downtown Baltimore. There was some great people watching on the dance floor.

Judd flew from Milan to Baltimore and spent the weekend with us too. It was Rachel's fiance's bachelor party on Saturday as well. So, Judd and Andrew headed downtown in the afternoon to meet up with the other fellows.

We flew back on Sunday and tried to get our lives in order before the start of the week. I can't believe little Rachel is going to be married in 2.5 weeks!

Yesterday I got a call from Judd around 12:30pm. He got a call from daycare saying that they needed someone to come get Charlotte immediately. They had a gas main break and had to evacuate the church. Of course, Judd had a busy day and so that meant that I needed to leave my job and go get her.

I pull up to the church and see fire trucks and other emergency vehicles outside with areas roped off. I pull around the back of the church and there are 5 buses filled with kids. It was kind of crazy. There were little infants out there - they had pulled some cribs outside - I felt so bad for the infant room teachers.

I got Charlotte - she seemed to be having a great time - wasn't scared at all. Then the assistant director comes up to me and says:
"We had a little bit of a scare with Charlotte."
me: "Oh, really?"
AD: "Yes, we all evacuated and came out here to the parking lot, then called roll. We discovered Charlotte wasn't out here"
me: "Oh, really?"
AD: "Yes, we ran back into the Toddler 2 room, and there she was asleep on her mat - she had fallen asleep after lunch"
me: "So, she was in there asleep all by herself??"
AD: "Yes, but only for about 2 min"

What, seriously?? This really freaked me out. I'm not sure what to do about it. I feel like I need to know the evacuation plan a little better - what if the building were on fire, and not just a gas main break?? What if she had woken up and realized that everyone was gone? She would have been so scared. Ugh, I swear - it's always something.


Allison D said...

Holy moly. At least they were up front and told you about it right away. Glad you had a good trip!

Ann said...

Yikes, that is a little scary! We will have to exchange cell numbers... we could have brought Charlotte home with us for the afternoon.

Sara said...

Just the thought of her all alone is scarey. I am so glad that they took roll. That is the procedure, and it is good they did it.


All those in favor of no more blogs without a Charlotte picture, say I! EEEEYYYYYEEEE!

And I'm glad that turned out the way it did.