Tuesday, November 24

The ones you don't take

We had a great weekend last weekend. Judd's parents came into town on Friday afternoon and spent the weekend with us. Charlotte was in heaven with all of the attention. We went to the park, went shopping, played and played - oh, and she even was given Oreos for breakfast before Judd and I got up on Saturday morning!

Judd and I got a chance to sneak out for dinner and a movie on Saturday night. We were originally supposed to go to the UGA game, but I was exhausted Saturday and the game was going to be over late. So, we went to see The Blind Side instead - we still got some football in. (It is an awesome movie - go see it if you can)

Sunday, after Judd's parents left and after Charlotte's nap, we decided to go to Lenox mall to let her run around and burn off some energy since it was raining. When we pulled into the parking lot, we saw that the Pink Pig was up and running. Judd and I thought Charlotte might get a kick out of it, so we bought a couple of tickets and stood in line.

She LOVED it. She got so excited waiting in line - which included screaming at the top of her lungs. Then it was our turn, Charlotte and I rode together and Judd watched us from the side. She sat right next to me and smiled the entire time - we looked at the Christmas trees and all of the pigs - then we got to the mirrors and she waved and waved at herself. When it finished, she looked at me, held up her little finger and said, "One More?".

So, where's the picture? I didn't have my camera. But, I'm OK with that. Initially I was upset - knowing that I wouldn't have something to show for the experience. But it allowed me to just enjoy the time with Judd and Charlotte. Rather than worrying about f/stops, shutter speeds, and ISO, I was able to concentrate 100% on Charlotte and Pink Pigs. I have my mental pictures. I have one picture in my mind of her sitting next to me holding onto the side of the car with her little hand - her eyes wide looking all around - and her little mouth smiling. I have another picture in my mind of Judd, holding my purse, waving and smiling to us as we went by. Sometimes, the best pictures are the ones you don't take.



We'll miss you on Thanksgiving! :(

Al & Nina said...

Thanks for a great weekend!! N

Meredith said...

What a FUN day!!! You always do such a wonderful job writing, it's easy for us to picture your cute little girl with such excitement and enjoying her ride :)