Sunday, November 1

What do Piglet, a Spider, and a Garden Gnome have in common?

They all got rained on for Halloween.

It was so yucky here yesterday. Constant clouds and drizzle throughout the day. But we made the best of it. Dave brought his new smoker over and smoked some beef short ribs for us while we watched the game chased the girls around. Erin and I did a couple of crafts with the girls and they watched me carve our pumpkin. We ate a fabulous dinner then got the girls changed into their costumes. Our neighborhood had a parade at 6:30 so we loaded all three girls in the wagon and headed that way. You've never seen such a cute wagon in your life! (I think Erin got some shots of that)

The parade was great - it ended in a col-de-sac and some very wonderful neighbors had games and music set up for the kids. Charlotte danced and danced.

Erin and Dave headed back to their house while we took Charlotte to a couple houses to trick or treat. She was really pretty brave considering a man with a chainsaw came running out of one of the houses - she had a mission - and that was candy. She didn't let anything get in her way. She said "trick or treat" (we think - it was a variation) and grabbed her candy. When we got home she happily ate a "wowwypop" out of her bag. Judd and I combed through the rest and ate our favorites :)

Remember this little lamb and her bumble bee sidekicks? here's a little comparison picture from last year - seriously amazing.


Al & Nina said...

Sounds like a wonderful halloween minus the ballgame. I love the pictures. The girls are adorable both years. N

Mel said...

Cute!!! I love how all the costumes turned out...and the look on Emma's face is priceless! HA. Sorry you got rained on, but glad Charlotte got a wowwypop....i bought some this year with their age group in mind and they were definitely grabbed for :-)

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness they are so cute! I love the little Piglet costume, but Erin (if you read this) that garden gnome costume is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

Allison D said...

Oh my gosh...what a trio! They all looked adorable.

Meredith said...

OH I LOVE them!!! they are just TOO cute for words... all three of them :)