Tuesday, December 8

Funny girl


She makes me laugh every day. Here's why:
1. In that picture above she is pretending to burp. (Her daddy taught her that)

2. When she passes gas she says, "I pooted!" very proudly.

3. Last week she wanted to pee-pee on the potty. I put her on the potty and started to clean up the counter in the bathroom. A couple of seconds later I heard a splash and she had fallen in the potty! She said, "hiney wet!"

4. When you change her dirty diaper she says, "it's AWFUL!" and "Puuuwweee!"

5. If she hurts herself, she'll say "Poor Charlotte" (the "lotte" is always a lot higher in tone than the "char", like she's asking a question).

6. I love how she says her name, and she says it a lot - she always talks about herself in 3rd person.

7. If you ask her a question, 90% of the time her response is "uh huh". Not yes, but "uh huh". and it too, sounds like question.

8. She has decided going down slides head first on her tummy is a much better way than to go down on her hiney.

9. I could watch her dance all day - it is hilarious and beautiful all at the same time.

10. When she really wants me to understand what she's saying, she'll grab my face and make me look at her. She says what she needs to say so intensely and nods her head while she says it. Makes me smile every time.

I love her expression here - this is sweet Charlotte.


Sara said...

So glad I got to experience all of these things that make Charlotte, Charlotte. I miss her little hugs so much. She is a delight!

Allison D said...

She is a hoot! I can't believe that is your baby girl.

Sara said...

I thought of one of the things I just love. When she brushes her hair she says, "I bootiful." I hope she ALWAYS feels that way about herself because she is.


I MISS HER!!!!! :(