Sunday, December 20

The good and the bad

Charlotte was a challenge today.

The day started off with her refusal to put a new diaper on. During her protest, she kicked me numerous times. I was too tired to just ignore this behaviour and wait for her to calm down, so I just left her diaperless in her room closing the door behind me. I was going to give her a few minutes to calm down. Judd went in after 30 seconds or so and found she had peed on the floor and told her she needed to say she was sorry for kicking me. He then proceeded to diaper her, but again she protested and kicked Judd.

We escorted her to timeout and told her she could sit there until she said she was sorry. Numerous times during the next 45 minutes, we would take turns walking in her room and asking her if she was ready to say she was sorry. She would yell "NO!".

Now, some of you might be thinking that she is too little to say that she is sorry. But, we know that she knows what it means and she knows how to say it. She finally did tell us she was sorry and give us hugs, but it was a battle. We are quickly finding out just how stubborn this child is.

The rest of the day was highs and lows. She had at least 2 more 30-45 minute temper tantrums. Complete meltdowns. She didn't eat lunch and took her afternoon nap an hour before the normal time.

It is interesting how my mood and Judd's mood is connected to Charlotte. Do you watch that show, The Middle? Patricia Heaton plays the mother. In one episode she says, "As a parent, you are only as happy and your least happy child". I completely agree.

However, with the bad comes the good and we did have good today. First of all the sun shone. I think the sun has only been out about 10 hours this entire week. We went to the park and took advantage of the sunshine. I took my camera with my new lens attached. Charlotte, Judd, and I played and laughed.


She found her sunglasses in the bottom of the diaper bag this morning. She puts them on and says "Where's Charlotte?"


She is watching a much older kid climb up one of the structures. I can tell she is sizing it up wondering if she can do it too.



Hands down, my new favorite image. I love so many things about it - the light, her goofy sunglasses with her hat, the composition. But, most of all you can see me. You can see me doing what I found I love to do - capturing Charlotte's moments - both good and bad.


Sarah said...

Do you love your new lens? The last image is great!!

Zane Hollingsworth said...

Love the last image.

Mollypants said...

Good for you for sticking through the "challenge", that's gotta be hard...
My first reaction to the "challenge" was this: "see, little do my kids know, that I'm the most stubborn person on earth. I'll cut my own nose off to spite my face before I give in."...then I thought "oh god, they're going to have my DNA. They could be MORE stubborn than me."

Emily said...

Buckle your seatbelts, the terrible two's are on the way. I can't wait to see all of you!!

Wells Family said...

Carrie- this sounds EXACTLY like one of our days with Cooper. To the very last detail! It is a challenge now, but doesn't it make the good times that much sweeter?! We'll have to keep each other sane through this next year!