Saturday, December 12

O Christmas Tree

9:00 AM

Judd: "It's cold and going to rain, don't we have a little artificial tree in the attic?"

Carrie: "Yes, we do - but we both need to get a boost of Christmas Spirit, so we're going to the Christmas Tree Farm, we're going to just get a really small tree - like 4 feet."

Charlotte: "waaaahhh, I don't want boots on" (taking her socks off)

10:15 AM (In the car on I-85 N)

Carrie: "We need to at least play some Christmas songs" (turns from 750 AM to 98.5 FM)

Charlotte: "Milk in hands, milk in hands" (as she is spilling milk from her sippy cup into her hands)

10:45 AM (arrived at Thompson Christmas tree farm and put Charlotte into one of their awesome wagons)

Carrie: "Oh, look at this pre-cut one, it is perfect - small, no holes, perfect!"

Judd: "Yeah, it is nice - and 5 bucks off since it's pre-cut!"

Carrie: "OK, let's just get this one and then go let Char feed the goats "

Judd: "Well, let's just take one look over here...."

11:00 AM

Carrie: "This one is nice, Charlotte which one do you like?"

Charlotte: "green one!"

Judd: "Well, how about this one?"

Judd: "Or this one?"

Judd: "Well, let's just take a look over this hill"

Carrie: "Really, don't you just want that pre-cut one?"

(Judd pulls Charlotte in the wagon over a little bridge and up a hill to another plot of trees.)

11:15 AM (back down the hill and in the first plot of trees)

Judd: "Ok, let's just get the pre-cut one"

Charlotte: "OUT!" (she wants out of the wagon)

Carrie: "Well, how about this one?"

Judd: "That one has a hole, how about this one?"

Carrie: "That one is nice - but it's kind big"

Judd: "It'll fit in the room, let's get it" (begins cutting it down)

1:00 PM

Judd: "It's really big, but I like it a lot"

Carrie: "Yep, it is the nicest tree we've ever had, it looks really nice"

Judd: "I'm glad we went and got a tree"

Carrie: "Me too"

So we ended up with a tree 2x the size of any tree we have purchased before (probably 11ft), even though we went to the Christmas tree farm wanting a very small one - but we love it, and are now fully in the Christmas spirit.




Sara said...

It's beautiful! We all laughed at your blog. We were getting our trees (Sally, Andrew, Dad and I) about the same time you were. We were with you in spirit!

Emily said...

Pretty!! I love huge trees. I just wish I could convince Frank to get a real tree. It is not ever going to happen.

Al & Nina said...

What fun!! I love the tree. Christmas tree outings are a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. N

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

oh, it looks great! i'm going to send mom the link so she can see it. i'm glad it fit. ;-)