Wednesday, January 13

Because 50 degrees feels like summer

Dear Atlanta Weather,

Thank you for coming back to us. We have missed you SO much. That blast you sent us from the Antarctic was some sort of joke, right? I know that I personally take you for granted -maybe that is why you left us for SO long? I promise to appreciate you more now.

A mother of a toddler with cabin fever.

char and piglet

char swinging piglet


PS. I'm not totally crazy, the toddler with cabin fever refused to put her coat on - I realize that we are not out of winter weather yet. We only took a few shots and went back inside to our old drafty house with space heaters blasting.


Sara said...

the shots are all so good, but the last one-wow!

Rebecca said...

I think all the toddlers are SO over their coats right now! Liam threw a royal hissy fit leaving school this afternoon when I tried to put his coat on. He actually ripped off his coat, pulled out his nap mat, & threw himself down on it! Crazy toddlers!

The pictures are all so good! Love the little belly button. :)

Al & Nina said...

I agree with Sara!!N

Merri said...

Carrie - those photos are great! Do you have a special lens you use to get the blurry background? I want to help out my photography skills and take more advanced photos of the kids and I have heard that there is a special lens you can get that does that...hopefully they carry them for my camera.