Saturday, January 9


I believe it was 12 degrees outside when we woke up this morning - with a 5 degree wind chill. My thin Yankee-turned-southern blood is not taking this Artic air too well.

We actually had a light snow on Thursday evening the remnants of which are still in our driveway turning into a solid sheet of ice. It hasn't gone above freezing in a few days. Judd ended up working from home on Friday which was nice. All it took was a 29 car pile up reported on the news Friday morning to keep him at home. We haven't done too much other than huddle up inside. There was a venture up to Suwanee yesterday to capture Marshall's first birthday (pictures posted soon). Today a trip to the mall. Other than that it has been playing with baby dolls, trains, play kithchens and watching TV.

One good thing that comes from cold weather - yummy hot chocolate.


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