Tuesday, January 19


Charlotte is such a goof ball.

Today I picked her up from day care and she had one of her backup outfits on. Since I hadn't refilled her cubby with backup outfits since September - you can imagine that it was a little small and quite Summery (is that a word?). It went well with her brown winter boots. Plus the fact that she had been munching on wood chips or dirt or something out on the play ground because her face was covered in dirt crusted snot. She was quite the looker.

It doesn't matter what she looks like, though - when she sees me and starts running towards me with a huge grin - she could be covered in poo and I wouldn't care. (that's not true - I'd probably draw the line at poo - but you get the idea)

We got home and she said, "hat, Mommy?". I said I didn't know where her hat was. She replied, "shirt hat Mommy!!". And then this is what she did.


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Drena said...

so cute!

btw, i've been meaning to tell you that I like the rug that has been in several of your shots lately!