Tuesday, January 5


We're back in it. Sigh. Charlotte's at school and Judd and I are sitting at work.

This week has been a little tough for me, I missed Charlotte a lot. I took off the week between Christmas and New Years to be with her since day care was closed that week - but I probably would have taken it off even if day care wasn't closed. I had the best time with her. We played with her trains, played with her kitchen, played with her baby dolls, read books, went to a play date, ran errands, ate lunch together, and snuggled in my bed watching TV.

Each morning she would call out from her crib, and I would go and get her. Then she'd snuggle into bed with Judd and I and watch Nick Jr for a few minutes. She'd ask for "nilk" and I'd go get her a cup of milk. Judd would get up and get in the shower, but Charlotte and I would just lay in bed - heaven.

She is changing right before my eyes. She plays and pretends - while not by herself, I have to be there - she gets really into it. She knows how to do so much it amazes me. She says the funniest things and talks all of the time. On Sunday morning she picked up her baby and wrapped her in a blanket and sang, "You are my Sunshine", laid baby in her bed and said, "Wuv you baby". It brought tears to my eyes. Judd and I sing "You are my sunshine" to Charlotte every night before we put her down, we lay her in her crib and say, "I love you". The video below is of Charlotte singing "Jesus Loves Me" to baby before she puts her down. (You really just hear her say "Jesus" over and over.

I miss Judd too - he was home for a lot of the week and it was fun to have him there. We spent a lot of time together, just the three of us. We make a great team.


Emily said...

I love your new rug!! It looks like Charlotte has really enjoyed her Christmas presents. Hope 2010 is as much fun for her as 2009 was.

Sarah said...

oh my goodness that is precious!

Sara said...

I love the part where she pats her just before she walks away. Precious. Has there ever been anything cuter? Certainly not to this Grammie.

Al & Nina said...

She is so sweet and loving. Your blog is wonderful. It makes it possible for us to share in so much of Charlotte's growth and enjoy her little personality. N

Drena said...

what a sweet girl. watching them when they don't know or care if you are watching is wonderful.