Tuesday, January 26

Trash to Treasure

Last night I made Sarah's roasted chicken. It is an awesome recipe and I feel like such a domestic goddess when I make it. Not only do you have an awesome golden bird to eat the first night, but you have 2 more nights worth of chicken for dinners throughout the week. See, isn't it purty?

However, when you are finished carving it, shredding it, and picking every last ounce of chicken off of it's bones, you are left with a greasy, ugly pile of stuff. All of this stuff gets dumped into the trash can in our house.

Today I get the dreaded call around 11:30am. My phone's caller ID says, "Child Development Center." This is hardley ever a good thing. I've been told that Charlotte threw up (a lot) during lunch and needed to be picked up. I had been praying that we would avoid this stomach bug that's going around, but no such luck.

So, I leave the office and go to pick her up. We walked through the door at home and I immediately knew what was waiting in the kitchen. I knew that the trash had been emptied and rummaged through by a certain black dog because that certain black dog was not there to greet us when we walked through the door. I guess the smell of chicken remains was more than she could take. She ate the entire thing - not a bone left in the trash can. She also ate every last red onion that the chicken cooked with as well.

So, not only are we bracing ourselves to clean up Charlotte throw up tonight - we have the dog to worry about too. Wish us luck.


Mel said...

I do not envy you! Here's to hoping you have a throw up free night!

And who could blame her with how yummy that chicken is! Erin made it for Craig and I over the holidays...YUM YUM!

Rebecca said...

Hope Charlotte is OK! Stinks about the dog rummaging through the trash too. :(

We love that recipe too - have made it a couple of times. We also made it last week with a pork roast instead of chicken (just to be different - and because Josh bought a crapload of pork roast at Costco). Oh. My. Goodness. Was that yummy too - and, no bones to clean up! (plenty of leftovers too, which we threw into stir fry a few days later)

Mollypants said...

You have a very neat dog...Colonel Mustard has a tendency to eat the good stuff like chicken first, then toss the veggies around (he's a meat-itarian), then shred the used papertowels up into 21,000 pieces, then cover the floor in coffee grounds. One day he'll figure out that the dog food is actually LESS secure and just tip that can over.
Sorry Charlotte doesn't feel good, sounds like Atlanta's getting hit hard with that stomach bug :(