Friday, February 5

Blog Book

I completed my first blog book, for the year 2008, a few weeks ago and very nervously hit the "Submit" button. It was delivered last week. I couldn't wait to see it - I ripped the package open and was very pleased with the result. It is 181 pages of awesome.



I used to create and order the book. They make it really easy. You download their book making software, then choose the "Blog to Book" option. After you enter your blog login credentials it "slurps" all of your posts into the software and you pick and choose which ones you want to include in your book.

I spent about 4 evenings getting the pages/posts just the way I wanted them. Because a lot of my images are sized for web, I had to import the original images, or manipulate the size of the image from the blog. It was tedious - but worth it.

I chose the smallest size, 7"x7" because I knew that the images from the blog would have a low resolution. I was a little nervous that it would be too small, but the print is easy to read. Some of my pictures are really small - so I know what to do differently for the 2009 book. I think I will have to import a lot more of the original images. I don't mind spending the time, these are Charlotte's baby books since I didn't keep one for her. So, I just think about all of the time I would have spent working on that.

The price was reasonable - for 181 color pages with a custom dust jacket it was around $55.

I have started putting the 2009 book together and I think it is going to look even better than this one. I love having a version of this blog that I can hold. Now I know that it is backed up in at least one place!


Allison D said...

I was SO impressed with this when you showed it to me. Those people are genius...if only they knew this product was YOUR idea a few years ago. ha!

Sarah said...

Love it! I started doing one a few weeks ago for 2009. Cant wait to finish!!

Drena said...

I meant to look at it when Allison finished and completely forgot!! I want to see it in person and would love any tips you can send me by email on it. I have started mine in blurb, but haven't gotten very far.

Carrie Beth said...

It looks great! I've been working on my 2008 one and it is taking a lot of time, but like you said, it's going to be worth it!

Bryan said...

Thanks for sharing this on your blog!! I'm going to do them too for our blog. What an awesome way to literally hold on to those memories : )