Friday, February 12

The Bunny Boots

finally felt at home today.

We waited all morning, then the snow began after lunch and piled up fast. I'm pretty sure this is the most snow we have seen since we've been in the house. We built 2 snowmen, threw a hundred snowballs, hung out with neighbors, and even made a snow angel or two.

(it was 4:15 when I took these two pictures - and yes, she still has her pajamas on - her Christmas pajamas. Since I've been home with her we had our first all day pajama day - and it was fabulous)




Judd built Charlotte a "snow chair" and she loved it. So did all of the neighbor kids!



We are hoping my parents will make it tomorrow for their visit. They were looking forward to escaping 2 feet of snow to warmer weather - no such luck!


Sarah said...

All day pajama days are the best! She is such a cutie :)

Drena said...

Those are the cutest boots I've ever seen!

Al & Nina said...

Great pictures!!!N