Sunday, February 7

Super Bowl Sunday

I don't really care about football on Super Bowl Sunday. I didn't even really know who was playing tonight until I asked Judd about it in church today. Of course as soon as I asked he gave me a quiz - "Who are their quarterbacks?" I said, "Well the Colts have one of the Mannings - and I don't know the other one." See, I really don't care about the football part.

What I am thinking about today, and can hardly believe, is that I met Judd 10 years ago during Super Bowl weekend. We met at a party he and his roomates hosted. I was invited by one of my friends to go. I had broken up with a boyfriend about a week before and wasn't really in the mood to socialize, but my friend dragged me into the car and to the party. I looked horrible - I don't think I had make up on, had a crummy sweater and jeans on - just looked like I didn't care.

I remember having a pretty good time. I was surprised that one of the roommates(Dave) was in one of my classes. Judd and I ended up striking up a conversation later that night out on his porch. He asked for my number and - be still my heart - programmed it into his flip phone! I was amazed he had a flip phone - I didn't even have a cell phone let alone a FLIP phone.

Judd called me on Super Bowl Sunday and I met up with him later that night to hang out. The rest is, well, history. We were together pretty much all of the time after that. We "studied", went to movies, hung out, went out to eat - but the thing that I remember most is that we would just sit in his room and talk and talk and talk. We talked about everything. He made me laugh, I made him laugh, we understood each other. It didn't take me long to fall for him.

There is another thing I am thinking about today. We brought Charlotte home from the hospital 2 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday. So, 8 years to the date (almost) that Judd and I met, we brought home our little girl.

So, Super Bowl Sunday doesn't mean football to me - it means so much more. I'm reminded of the beginnings of my family.


Sara said...

Some things are just meant to be.

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

oh girl, that is BEAUTIFUL. that judd--i remember thinking he was the *nicest* guy when i met him all those years ago. congratulations on your two huge milestones. :-)