Monday, February 1


It's official, she's 2.


We had a whirlwind of a day - 2 year appointment, grocery shopping, cleaning, lunch, nap, a little birthday party with friends, dinner, bath, and conversations with grandparents. Now Daddy is rocking and singing Birthday Girl to bed. I hope he read Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday To You to her tonight.

"Happy Birthday Dear Baby, Happy Birthday To You"

More about her birthday day tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Charlotte! She looks like such a big girl! Hope she had a wonderful day... we were thinking about her.

Aunt Sally said...

Well it looks like you had a great birthday Tuti! Do you remember when Uncle Andrew called you that when he saw you and held you for the first time? I can't believe how big you are. We love you sooooo much XOXOXO

Al & Nina said...

Such a sweet and special little girl. Looks like she has had lots of birthday fun!!! We enjoyed sharing in the family celebration. N

Drena said...

Love this photo!! Thanks for inviting us over...we had a great time! So glad we will be able to have more play dates!