Thursday, March 25

Children's Museum

We were invited to go with a neighbor to the children's museum today. Charlotte and I packed a lunch and headed out for a morning filled with grocery shopping, painting, moon sand sculpting, water splashing, and ball throwing. This wasn't our first time to the museum, but it was the first time I've taken my camera.

For those of you photography people out there reading this - these were all shot at ISO 2500, f/1.8 and various shutter speeds. The lighting was horrible, color casts everywhere. However, as usual, the subject is perfect :)




(She'll kill me one day for showing the butt crack picture, but as soon as I saw it I just had to post it - I couldn't resist.)


Al & Nina said...

What a fun morning!! N

Sara said...

She is the definition of cute. I love the hairdo. Reminds me of another little girl I knew a long time ago.