Sunday, March 28

Egg Hunts

We have been training for the Easter egg hunts. Last weekend at my parent's house, both my sister and my mother set up egg hunts for Charlotte. She was a pro. She knew just what to do - find the eggs, pick them up, then put them in the basket.

All of her training and hard work was put to the test on Saturday morning. We had not one, but two egg hunts to attend. The first was at church. Luckily, there was a pancake breakfast prior to the hunt, so Char was able to carbo load. She took it seriously - not only did she eat her pancake and sausage, but then she started in on mine.

Our group was lined up and sent out to the playground to hunt for eggs. Charlotte waited eagerly for her chance to grab some eggs.


The gate was opened and everyone flooded into the playground. There were eggs everywhere. But, where was Charlotte? I was sure her basket was full already. However, she was over by the swings asking me to put her on so she could swing. I told her to go get some eggs - this was an EGG HUNT. But no, she wanted to swing. Finally I told her there was candy in the eggs. Well, that was all the motivation she needed and off she went.

The very first egg she picked up, she tried to open - she needed to make sure I wasn't pulling her leg.


Hey, Mom was right!! There is candy in these eggs.


Unfortunately, by the time she finished with that Hershey Kiss, there were about 2 eggs left to find. So, we ended up with very few eggs. There were a few older children with 4-5 dozen eggs in their basket that would run by and throw an egg or two in Charlotte's basket. Not that she really cared, she was too busy making a birthday cake out of wood chips in the playhouse tucked away in the corner of the playground.

After I was able to pry her away from the playground, we headed home to rest and mentally prepare for the second egg hunt of the day.

One of my friends from IBM co-hosts an egg hunt every year. My hopes were high that Charlotte would have the hang of it by now.


Their backyard is huge and was filled with eggs. This egg hunt is great because there were only about 3 other kids Charlotte's age that were allowed to hunt eggs a few minutes before the older kids. Also, the eggs aren't all filled with candy - some of them have small toys. Charlotte got the hang of it quickly and her basket was filled in no time. Especially when she found one gigantic egg.


I think we have one more hunt to attend next weekend, I'm sure she'll be a champ by then. (As long as there isn't a playground in sight.)


Clh03uga said...

You'll probably be glad she didn't find as many at the first hunt when you still have Easter candy and it's approaching Halloween. We always have sooo much, and I don't like to let Hudson have a lot of it. :)

Al & Nina said...

She looks like she is enjoying every minute of the Easter egg hunts with or without a full basket.She is our champ!! N


Oh Dear Lord! Those pants are adorable!

Emily said...

I want that giant egg!!!