Wednesday, March 3


Charlotte's teachers always commented about how much she loved art. So, I have tried to keep that going now that she's at home. The other day I bought her some paints and I thought we could have some fun with that.

I put about 8 globs of paint in neat little circles on a paper plate and handed her a brush. She was super excited and got right to work. I showed her how to get just a little paint at a time on her brush and make nice neat strokes. She looked so cute dipping her brush and painting that I went to grab the camera.

This is what I found when I came back - literally 30 seconds later.


Notice the plate with the colors all mixed up and no use of a brush - just hands. She decided to get down and dirty.

I think I said something like, "Excuse me! what did you do???"


She said, "I paint with hands!"


"Seeeeee Mommmmmyyyyy!!"


"Yes, I see that. Why did you do that?"

"I don no"



"Do NOT touch your head again"


"Charlotte are you listening to me??? DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HEAD!!!"


And yes, of course I would much rather take pictures of her misbehaving than stopping her from doing it.


Sara said...

I LOVE it. Next order of business-painting smock.

Rebecca said...

You are very brave for giving her paints with no smock! But that is super cute. And I could very easily replace Charlotte in those pictures with Liam, and we would have the same series of events, and same conversation too!

Al & Nina said...

I loved this series of pictures and the conversation that followed. N

Mollypants said...

nice, neat strokes are overrated. Art school spends 90% of its time teaching students how to return to the state of a 2-year-old, when one is most creative...embrace the mess! OK, maybe the mess that doesn't require a bath.

Inkspot Workshop said...

This made me laugh out LOUD! So darn cute

Janine said...

Gorgeous light, wonderful captures :-D She is such a cutie!