Wednesday, April 21


Judd and I made it back to Atlanta yesterday afternoon after a wonderful trip to New York.

We didn't have an agenda, we just wanted to take in the city and try to relax a little bit. We had fabulous luck with eating - thanks in part to the wonderful little app I had on my iPhone called Yelp. We ate fairly inexpensively even though we ate great Italian food in the cutest little restaurants.

We saw South Pacific at Lincoln Center on Saturday night (it was awesome!), went to the movies on Sunday night, and went to a comedy club on Monday night.

Sunday morning we spent walking around the Upper Westside checking out the flea and farmer's markets. Sunday afternoon we headed to B&H Photo. It is the coolest place for anyone remotely interested in photography, videography, recording, etc. Monday we went to the Top of the Rock and to the Museum of Modern Art. There is a performance artist on exhibit there right now and let's just say it was, well, interesting.

We had great travel luck - first class both ways. That beats sitting in coach trying to entertain a 2 year old any day.

We spent some great time together just the two of us. We always have a good time traveling together - something that I'm extremely happy about. We have very similar tastes and travel style. Sure, we missed Charlotte, but we knew she was in good hands and didn't worry about her at all. In fact, we even forgot to call her one night before she went to bed because we were too worried about getting from the restaurant to the movie on time!

From what I hear, Charlotte had a wonderful time with her grandparents. She played with baby ducks, ate ice cream cones at the dock, went to the park, ate cheetos and coke on the boat, fished with her Grandaddy, played with her Grandmother, went on the paddle boat with Aunt Pam, and had lunch with her Great Grandparents. They said she slept great, and I'm sure she did with all of that going on.


Allison D said...

Welcome back...glad it was a relaxing getaway for you guys. Sounds like a great trip.

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