Thursday, April 15

Reason #567 why I love him

A month or so ago, Judd and I planned to go to Cabo, Mexico for 5 nights/6 days sans Charlotte. Judd planned the whole thing. We had two tickets to fly anywhere in the world, so Judd booked our seats with those. Then we had enough hotel points to cover our hotel stay - a semi-free vacation, what could be better.

At the time I voiced my doubts about being about to be away from Charlotte for that long. It would be the longest I have ever been away from her, and I just didn't know if I could do that. Don't get me wrong - I need a break, and I recognize that, but 5 nights is a long time. Judd told me that he had worked hard on booking and researching the trip and to be honest, his feelings were kind of hurt. He said that I would love the time away and would be able to relax when I got there.

So, I started to get used to the idea. I soon began to look forward to the time away and knew that I probably needed a full 5 nights to completely relax. I was starting to plan out my wardrobe - and this takes some work when you barely still fit into your old clothes (yes, you "pop" a lot faster with the 2nd) and you don't have too many cute summer maternity clothes to choose from. I had even started to get used to the fact that I would be putting on a bathing suit.

Then, Judd got home from Las Vegas last week. He was tired. He had been on the road for a few nights for the past 3 weeks. He missed his Charlotte. He looked at me and said, "you are gonna kill me, but I don't think I want to be gone from her for 5 nights. I've been gone so much lately, and will be leaving again the week after we get back - can we just go somewhere for 3 nights?" My mouth dropped open and I gave him a big hug. Seriously, how can you say no to that?

So, we are still headed out of town this weekend, but for 3 nights. It will be a really nice get away. We are headed to NYC and will be staying close to Central Park. We plan to see a show, eat lots of yummy food, and try to do a few things we haven't done there before. And, I won't have to put on a bathing suit :)


Drena said...

I must be a horrible mother b/c I would jump to go on a vacation for 5 nights!!

Have fun in NYC!

Sarah said...

How sweet! But I'm with Drena :)

Luis Benitez said...

You are so funny!!!