Thursday, April 29

Taking Baby To Walk

Cindy is Charlotte's baby. She got her for Christmas. Her name is Cindy because of Charlotte's resemblance to Cindy Lou Who.

Lately we have been taking Cindy on lots of walks. Yesterday, after we returned home from taking Jody for a walk, Charlotte said, "I take Cindy to walk." So, we went upstairs and packed up Cindy into her stroller.


Then she started running with her down the sidewalk. (maybe we need a baby jogging stroller?)


Cindy loves the walks. You would think she would be scared to death after the stroller has been tipped over or hurled down the sidewalk. But instead she just closes her eyes and goes to sleep.


Usually we have to find a stick to take back to Jody.


Then Charlotte declares it is Cindy's birthday when we hit one of the sewer caps and sits down in the middle of the sidewalk to sing "Happy Birthday" at the top of her lungs.


This walk of about 75 yards usually takes us 30 minutes or so to complete. In other words it takes FOREVER. I was telling Judd about our walks the other day and he said, "Sounds great - sure beats sitting in a cube, working." I had to agree with that.


Sara said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog entry. Moments in the life of a two year old. They are precious!

Drena said...

Char's looking tall and lean! Growing like a weed. Let's all get together again soon.